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A mobile website is designed to fit nicely onto a mobile web device such as an iphone or an android device. These mobile optimised sites are not all common but numbers are rapidly growing with more and more people using their devices to browse and shop online.

At Virtua Webtech we can tailor your website to work smoothly with the latest mobile devices where speed and navigation comes president over long loading times when users are on the move.

To cater for mobile users, a separate template will be created specifically for mobile devices. One of the main advantages to this approach is that content can be tailored for slower mobile connections, creating a smoother user experience. This mobile template will use the same content as the desktop site so there is no need to maintain two sets of information.

Low-bandwidth consideration

When catering for mobile devices, the footprint (overall data size) of a website can be very important. A specific mobile template allows the website to exclude certain content (e.g. large images, complex CSS or scripting elements) for a lower footprint and more effective delivery to the user.

Tailored mobile content

Whereas a responsive template is expected to cover any display eventuality, this blanket technique may not always be effective; some [older] devices have such low resolutions that even responsive templates may create horizontal scrollbars. A specific mobile template eliminates this eventuality and avoids scaled down icons and having to scroll repeatedly to access content.

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