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Search Engine Optimisation, the questions that we get asked most!

What is all the fuss about SEO?

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Well, Google searches account for over 80% of all UK and US searches so obtaining a high listing equates to a constant stream of Free visitors to your website. However once we get them there you still have to wow them with your offerings!

How Long will it take to get to the Top of the searches?

There are no "quick fixes" in SEO! It takes time to implement a successful campaign. We like our clients to agree to a 6 month campaign to begin with and after that we let our results do the talking.

How much will an SEO campaign cost me?

It is impossible to give a price until we have done a detailed evaluation of your site (if you currently have one that is) and that of the main competitors in your field. This will enable us to get a clear idea of the amount of work needed to attain the very best results.

Can I get instant results?

Pay Per Click is the only way that you can get to the top of Google and other search engines instantly. There are several main systems Google Adsense, Yahoo Overture and Microsoft Adcenter.

You set up a daily budget to spend and allocate the cost per click that you are willing to pay for each keyword

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